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Laser Parameters

Our technical overview table showcases the exceptional precision and quality of our laser cutting service. With a maximum cutting area of 690mm² from coil or 500mm² from a single sheet, we can handle a wide range of cutting requirements.

Our laser technology enables us to achieve sheet width tolerance of ±0.03mm per 200mm for laser cut sheets, and a positional tolerance of ±0.05mm on the X and Y axes, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

Additionally, we can work with a variety of metals, ranging from a minimum thickness of 0.05mm to a maximum thickness of 0.5mm, and maintain perpendicularity and parallelism within ±0.2 Deg and ±0.1 Deg, respectively.

Max cutting area (Single sheet)
500mm x 500mm
Max cutting area (From Coil)690mm x 690mm
Sheet width tolerance, full width
Sheet width tolerance, Laser Cut (with offcuts)
±0.03mm per 200mm
Sheet length tolerance using Guillotine
Sheet Squareness tolerance using Guillotine±0.30mm
Sheet length tolerance Laser Cut (with Tabs)
±0.03mm per 200mm
Max material thickness
Min material thickness
X and Y Axis Positional tolerance
X and Y Axis Combined Positional tolerance
X and Y overall Feature dimensional tolerance
±0.1 Deg
±0.2 Deg
Material Types
Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals
Laser beam diameter

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Guaranteed Performance

ISO 9001:2015 certified

All Datum products are rigorously checked as part of our quality control process before being sent to our customers. Our suppliers are controlled by our strict purchasing specifications, audits and approval process. We test all incoming material and outgoing products to ensure they meet our standards so we can guarantee performance for our customers.

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With our wealth of experience in laser cutting, we can offer our customers industry leading products and services of the highest quality.