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mounting & tensioning of SMT stencils

There are many different systems employed for tensioning SMT stencil foils. Datum has worked on projects with several customers producing some of the leading mounting technologies including Tetra, Vector, QTS, Zelflex, as well as other market leading technologies. These projects have utilised several aspects of the bespoke coil to part laser that Datum uses across its global manufacturing facilities.
boarder holes

Rapid prototyping

Datum supported customers through the initial design phase, producing multiple design iterations on quick turnaround.
laser cut holes

High volume

Once designs are finaslised, higher volume runs can be required. Datum produces 50K+ per year of some designs, fully utilising the lights out manufacturing capability of the equipment.

Thin metal requirement

90% of the volumes have been 0.08mm and 0.15mm gauge thickness. These gauge requirements can rule out using many traditional laser systems which struggle with foils below 1mm. Datums machine specialises in gauges of 0.05mm to 0.5mm.

Large cut window

The largest of these designs are 690mm x 690mm, fully utilising the cutting window of the machine.

These projects have been a huge success for both Datum and our customers. Allowing them to be responsive and price competitive to the markets they serve.

Technical Data

Our technical overview table showcases the exceptional precision and quality of our laser cutting services

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